Anchor & Atlas

During our travels we sometimes meet others who are doing good by creating jobs for those coming out of destitute circumstances. 

We'll be showcasing some of the travel gear created by these companies here. We encourage you to help make a difference by purchasing some of their amazing products!

The Weekender Duffle Bag

Weekender canvas and leather duffle bag

Perfect for that weekend getaway, this canvas and leather duffle bag by Purnaa can be used as carryon for the jetsetter in you, or tossed into the car as you cruise off onto your next excursion.

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Arjun Backpack

Genuine leather and canvas backpack

There's nothing like a sturdy pack while exploring new cities. These backpacks by Purnaa, available in three colors, are made with genuine leather and beautifully worn canvas.

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Going Places Mountain Necklace

Going Places Mountain Necklace

Whether you're in the valleys or on the peaks, this mountain necklace will inspire you to dream higher. 

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Tropical Wallet

tropical wallet

As you head off to the islands, you'll need something small and travel worthy to keep your money and credit cards safe. This bright-colored wallet by Joyn is the perfect solution.

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Groomsmen Cufflinks


When you're traveling to that wedding abroad, what better way to show your support than with a unique set of mountain cufflinks.

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Essential Oils Carrying Case

essential oils carrying case cotton bag

One of the ways our family stays healthy is by taking essential oils with us on trips: tea tree oil to keep away bugs, peppermint oil for tummy aches, eucalyptus oil and oil of oregano for the common cold. This little case by Sak Saum protects the bottles as you travel.

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